AKSE Conference Vienna 2013

Information for presenters

Who can participate

AKSE conferences were initiated primarily to provide an opportunity for European scholars of Korea to gather and to exchange views and research results. They are also the most important event for AKSE members and host our regular membership meetings. AKSE conferences are also a way for European scholars to communicate with the global academic community. We thus warmly welcome non-Europeans and non-members, too.


For non-presenters

Formal registration will open on October 29, 2012 and last until December 07, 2012 through our conference website at http://akse2013.univie.ac.at.


For those who intend to present a paper

Submissions in all areas of Korean Studies are welcome.

Please note that abstract and paper submissions will have to be done electronically via the conference website at http:// http://akse2013.univie.ac.at. Abstracts can be submitted from March 01, 2012 until July 14, 2012 (extended!). If you need assistance with the process, or encounter any technical problems, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk at akse2013.ostasien@univie.ac.at.

Both individual and panel proposals can be submitted, though we have a clear preference for panel proposals. The language of the final papers can be English, Korean, French or German. For abstracts, we kindly ask for English only.


General note on presentations

AKSE members have repeatedly suggested that there should be more time for interactive discussion. We have thus decided to reduce the time for presentations to 15 minutes and will not have any set discussants except for the panel chair (see below).

We have allocated 60 minutes for the presentations of each panel (15 minutes per presentation) and 45 minutes for panel discussion. Panels should thus consist of a maximum of four presenters. The panel chair will play the role of moderator and also act as the panel’s only discussant.


Note on panels

In a first step, the panel organizer should submit a panel proposal, indicating its title, keywords and an abstract of about 1,000 words or 5,200 characters. The deadline for panel abstract submission was July 14, 2012.

Only after the panel has been entered into the Conference Management System by the panel organizer, panel participants can register individually for their panel and submit an abstract (about 1,000 words or 5,200 characters) of their respective panel papers.


Note on individual papers

Individual paper submissions should be made through the conference website and include an abstract of about 1,000 words (5,200 characters). The deadline for abstract submission is July 14, 2012 (extended!).


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