AKSE Conference Vienna 2013

Conference fees

The conference fee includes 3 nights at a double room in a 4-Star hotel in Vienna, 2 dinners, 3 lunches and 5 light breakfasts/coffee breaks. We have decided to reward active conference participation, AKSE membership, and consider the status of conference participants. There is thus a special rate for students, a discount for paper presenters and an (in some cases additional) discount of 100 EUR for AKSE members. The conference fees for the various participant categories are:



Per person

Non-members who do not present a paper

- and participate in the conference

- and do not participate in the conference (meals not included)

- but chair a panel (meals included)


510 EUR

360 EUR

360 EUR

Non-members who present a paper

310 EUR

AKSE members who do not present a paper

260 EUR

AKSE members who present a paper

210 EUR

Participants who do not stay at the hotel

150 EUR


120 EUR

Students who do not stay at the hotel

90 EUR

Surcharge for single room

195 EUR

(updated, subject to modifications)



Please note: You must already be an AKSE member to be entitled to receive a discount for AKSE members!


AKSE has kept its membership fees low and thus has no significant own funds. These conference fees have been calculated based on the expectation of generous sponsorship by the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), like for previous AKSE conferences. Due to AKS policy, the final decision will be made in 2013, so that we can only operate with estimates. Depending on the grant amount, the above fees will have to be reduced or increased.



Participants are kindly asked to find their roommates individually; an online forum will be added to the conference website to make this process easier for you.


Registration fee

At the time of your formal registration (open during October 29, 2012 - December 7, 2012), you will be asked to pay a non-refundable registration fee in the amount of 90 EUR via Paypal through the conference website. This fee will be used as a down-payment on the individual conference fee. Please note that this registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

We will kindly ask you to pay the remaining amount of the conference fee on site in cash (in Euros).


Travel grants

Graduate students whose papers have been accepted are entitled to apply for a travel grant by writing to the AKSE president. The availability and actual amount of the grants depend on funding availability and will be decided by the AKSE Council.


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